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> Safety edges
Safety edges
Came DFI

Code: DFI

25.20 £
Price with VAT
Came ECN3F242

Code: 806SS-0060

Safety switching device for sensors with 8.2 kOhm
220.50 £
Price with VAT
Came SMA

Code: SMA

179.10 £
Price with VAT
Came SMA2

Code: SMA2

247.50 £
Price with VAT
Came SMA220

Code: SMA220

276.30 £
Price with VAT
Photo of Receiver FAAC XR S 868
Receiver FAAC XR S 868

Code: 787013

Transmission receiver from FAAC XT S 868 transmitters. It allows communication with up to 6 transmitters and direct connection to 2 safety edges.
62.10 £
Price with VAT
Photo of Transmitter FAAC XT S 868
Transmitter FAAC XT S 868

Code: 787012

Wireless status transmitter for mechanical or resistive safety edges. Allows to connect up to 2 safety eges.
56.70 £
Price with VAT
100.80 £
Price with VAT
121.50 £
Price with VAT
147.60 £
Price with VAT
173.70 £
Price with VAT
204.30 £
Price with VAT
230.40 £
Price with VAT
149.40 £
Price with VAT
158.40 £
Price with VAT
170.10 £
Price with VAT
200.70 £
Price with VAT
170.10 £
Price with VAT
186.30 £
Price with VAT
200.70 £
Price with VAT
239.40 £
Price with VAT
244.80 £
Price with VAT
270.90 £
Price with VAT
297.00 £
Price with VAT
351.00 £
Price with VAT
Nice TCA65

Code: TCA65

11.70 £
Price with VAT
74.70 £
Price with VAT
81.90 £
Price with VAT
88.20 £
Price with VAT
94.50 £
Price with VAT
Nice TCBS60

Code: TCBS60

22.50 £
Price with VAT
Nice TCW1

Code: TCW1

Nice TCW2

Code: TCW2

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