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> Control board Nice MC800

Control board Nice MC800

Manufacturer: Nice
Control board Nice MC800


Control board Nice MC800 is compatible with the following motors:

  • Nice WINGO WG4000
  • Nice WINGO WG5000
  • Nice TOO TO3000
  • Nice TOO TO4500
  • Nice TOONA TO4005
  • Nice TOONA TO4006
  • Nice TOONA TO5015
  • Nice TOONA TO5016
  • Nice TOONA TO4016P
  • Nice TOONA TO5016P
  • Nice HYPPO HY7005
  • Nice PLUTO PL4000
  • Nice PLUTO PL5015
  • Nice MOBY MB4005
  • Nice MOBY MB4006
  • Nice MOBY MB5015
  • Nice MOBY MB5016
  • Nice METRO ME3000, known also as M-FAB ME3000
  • Nice METRO ME3010, known also as M-FAB ME3010
  • Nice BIG-METRO BM4000, known also as L-FAB MB4000
  • most of 230V powered motors with or without limit switches, also third-party manufactuers. Eg. this control board work with motors like FAAC 414, Tousek TURN10, Tousek TURN20 and many more.

Backward compatibility

Control board Nice MC800 has replaced or can be used interchangeably for the following control boards:

  • Nice MINDY A400 - it has the same (and enhanced) functionality. Please note, that Nice MC800 has bigger housing.
  • Nice MINDY A60 - it has the same (and enhanced) functionality. Please note, that Nice MC800 has slightly bigger housing.
  • Nice MINDY A02 - it has the same (and enhanced) functionality. Please note, that Nice MC800 has bigger housing.

Spare parts

If you do not need a complete control board, then please remember, that you can also purchase individual parts like:

  • Housing (front and back side)
  • Electronic circuit - Nice MCA5

If you are interested in any of these parts, please do not hesitate to contact before buying.

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